Tuesday, June 21, 2016

MCCH was host to 68 visitors this past Saturday as both FEDEX and UPS workers with families held a soccer tournament on our turf.  Then MCCH boys (in orange) played finals against challengers (UPS) and beat them.  After the game we all fellowship with a delicious meal.

A little late, but here are the May birthdays!

Max's 14 birthday:  A full house at his party with Bev Wright, Ann Creekmore, new house parents Nina and Nicolas, 3 visitors and of course all 13 boys along with Douglas,Monica and their two children, thank you Nina for the delicious cake upon these tough financial times here at MCCH, the Lord has allowed us to share pure love with Max on this special day. 

Daniel who is new to MCCH had his 18th birthday on May 18th!  Welcome to MCCH Daniel!
His face reflects joy because this was the first time anyone had celebrated his birthday.

Please continue in prayer for MCCH boys.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Water well justification usage to government is on its way with 80,000 of these tiny plants being planted.  The only problem is our well is not able to keep up with irrigation.  Please pray the Lord will bring MCCH the solution.  

 So far we have planted around 15,000 asparagus plants and it has been raining on them. Lord willing production should start around end off summer and government inspection will finally turn legal well papers over to the home.
There's a possibility of investing in a complete "drip irrigation system" but we have not been able to come up with funds.  We are still looking into the cost for this.  There have been just enough donations for basic necessities.  Please pray for financial income, there are many needs and still many expenses to cover here at MCCH.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Work was started a few weeks ago on remodeling last 40 year old bathroom here at MCCH, just like all the others we found giant tree roots growing inside old cement pipes, replacing with pvc, new copper valves at shower and of course new floor and all around tile, this last bath was tiled with a combination of left overs and is looking great, I (Douglas) have faith some extra money will come in and be able to get new toilet and sink. 

Thursday, March 31, 2016

We would like to formally introduce you to Mike and Joan Shingleton.  Some of you may already have met them as they have officially been Ambassadors for MCCH since April 7, 2013 and have been traveling around visiting our supporting congregations.  Here is a note from them sharing who they are and what their role is as Ambassadors to MCCH:

Hello!  We are Mike and Joan Shingleton, Ambassadors to Mexico Christian Children’s Home.  We are members of North Industry Christian Church (NICC) in Canton, Ohio.  Mike is an elder at NICC and we are both actively involved with our missions committee. 
NICC has been sending work groups to MCCH every year since 1999.  Mike went on his first trip with them in 2006 and has returned each year.  Joan has been able to participate in several trips during that time as well. 
Over the years we have become aware of God’s calling to be more involved in helping the Wright’s in some way.  After a lot of prayer and talking with Douglas and Bev Wright, the idea of having Ambassadors in the U.S. emerged.  On February 9, 2014 during church service at the Church of Tlecote, Douglas, Monica and Bev presented us with a certificate in front of their congregation making us the official Ambassadors for MCCH as of April 7, 2013. 

It has also become very clear to us that God is directing us to spend our retirement at MCCH on a permanent basis.  We are very excited about this move and can’t wait for that time to come.  However, there is still work for us to do as Ambassadors while we are still in the USA.

Our purpose and goals as Ambassadors for MCCH:
  • To meet with and update the congregations who currently support or have previously supported MCCH.
  • To contact new congregations to gain much needed additional support.
  • To organize and lead groups to take service/learning trips to MCCH.  This may be anywhere from 1 to 10 people from your congregation.  We feel personal visits are important for several reasons:
Ø  It gives your congregation an opportunity to show your support in a very personal and encouraging way.
Ø  It helps build and grow personal relationships between the Wright’s and your congregation.
Ø  It is important to see first-hand the great work being done for God’s Kingdom.
Ø  It is important to see the great need the Wright’s have for additional help both physically and monetarily.

We would love the opportunity to come to your church to share more information with your mission committee and/or your congregation about MCCH.  We can customize a presentation format that would fit your specific needs.  If you are interested, you can email us at:

Thank you for your continued support to MCCH. 

Serving God together with you,

Mike & Joan Shingleton

Tuesday, March 15, 2016