Friday, July 29, 2011



August 2011

Dear Friends;

     My apologies for not having sent out emails or slow mail to anyone for the past month. No emails because I have not been able to get my computer to send. I have just now got that taken care of. No slow mail because we have not had the money to buy the stamps to send them from Mexico.  It cost 1.00 per letter from here.

     I (Bob) have recovered about 99% from my Kidney removal operation. I am back to doing my normal work load and I am able to pick up heavy things now without any pain. I sometimes have a little pain around where the incision was made. Last month I had a chest x-ray and the doctor found a small spot on my lungs that he is watching closely. I will have another x-ray taken in Sept. to see if it has grown any. I thank each person who has been praying for my recovery.

     We have a new design to our web page that we are trying out that our son, Dan, set up for us. You can go to it at, Check it out when you have time. Let me know if there is something that you would like to see on it. We will be putting more pictures on when things happen here at the Home. We pray this will keep you more up to date on the Home. We are also on Facebook and you can join us there at, Bob Wright (Mexico Christian Children’s Home). If you cannot find us at that address, just put in our email address.

     We are so happy to report that the roof beams that Douglas and I have been working on for several months now are finished. We had to make 6 beams and each one weighs about 1000 lbs. We have moved them from our shop area down to the church property. We now have to figure a way to get them up on the walls.

     On July 23nd, Bev and I celebrated our 56th wedding anniversary. This month on August 12th we will be celebrating 42 years of serving our Lord here in Mexico, and the founding of Mexico Christian Children’s Home.

     All of us here at the Home thank you for your many years of prayer and support of the Home. May god bless you for this as He has blessed us here in Mexico.

In His Service;

Bob & Bev Wright
Douglas & Monica Wright