Monday, March 26, 2012

A Message from Douglas:

It has not been easy filling Dad's shoes for the past three weeks but I think I have done the best I possibly can. I’m always remembering everything Dad showed me, but one of many things I learned from Dad was to work with pride, work for God and with God at all times.
I thank God for giving Mom, Monica and me the strength (mentally and physically) to overcome and continue with the mission.
I thank God for my family, friends and church members who have helped us in many ways.
One can’t imagine the many things that are involved when a loved one passes away and add to that in a foreign country, but most of it is almost over.

Activity and Plans at MCCH:
*I ask your help in prayers for our upcoming (last minute) trip to my sisters (Martha) in Tyler Texas from the 1st   to the 14th of April.  This is a much needed trip for Mom and Martha since they were not able to be with us during these tough times.

*From the 9th to the 13th of April all the kids at the home are taking a trip around many places in the state of Queretaro.  It includes camping at river side camp, staying at a Hotel (many have never done) and enjoying a pool all for themselves. This has been possible through friends of ours from Joshua’s old school that have been so helpful to allow us to leave for the states.

*We now have all the kids in only three schools instead of four so that helps me to drive less. By August they will be in only two schools so Lord willing it will even be less driving. All this has been possible because of the school owners (that attend church) have decided to help us even more. Let me remind you this is a private school and they have not charged us a penny or I should say a peso.

*Monica and I have had our 16th Anniversary on the 24th of March and are grateful to God for letting us be together and also work on the same mission, as we know that where there are two in Christ there is great blessing .

Douglas Wright
Mexico Christian Children’s Home