Wednesday, August 24, 2016

MCCH is a very busy place! Despite all of the challenges we are facing, God remains faithful in His provision and in His love.  We give Him all the praise!

Below is a picture of Bev "tutoring" the boys on how to process a chicken.  On this day several of the boys had the pleasure of learning how to butcher and process chickens.  Thank you Lord for providing and teaching us at MCCH that you must work to enjoy the fruits.  Thank you Lord for all those involved in the farm project at MCCH.

Luis and Beto enjoying some of Bev's 
special recipe chicken dinner.

Other things happening at MCCH:
After having the meter box and wire stolen at the well, we are building a "vault" around the control box in order to protect it from any returning thief.  This project has been funded by several donations.  For more information about how you can help with the well fund, please visit:
Thank you Lord for our wonderful supporters in the U.S. and here in Mexico.