Monday, June 6, 2011

May 2011 Newsletter

May 2011 
Dear Friends; 


 I am still recovering from the operation for removal of my left Kidney. It has now been 8 weeks since the operation. I went to the doctor last week, and he said that everything is healing alright, and there is no infection. I will go back again in one month and at that time the doctor wants a chest X-ray to see if any new tumors have showed up since the operation. This week I started back driving kids to school at 6 in the morning. I will start doing some welding on the church beams this week also. Bev and I are blessed to have Doug and Monica here. Douglas has had to do all the outside work by himself. We also want to thank everyone who has been praying for my recovery. 

 We have very good news to report about our water well problem. Last week Douglas and Monica met with the School that is selling us 10,000 cubic meters of water rights. A contract was made and the necessary papers were signed and we gave them a check for $15,000 dollars. We have now fulfilled all the requirements that the State Water Dept. was asking us to do. In 2 weeks these papers will be turned into the State Water Department. We will then have to wait until they take action on our behalf. This may take some time. The next step will be for them to tell us that we can start using our well again. 

We are also very happy and blessed to announce that the complete cost of the water rights has been received. Some donations have come in from individual people and churches but the bulk of the money came from IDES. We were contacted by Larry Sims, of International Disaster Emergency Service, in Kempton, Indiana. We sent them the information about the well and asked if they could help. They responded by sending us the amount we had not yet received. IDES has helped us here at the Home in the past several times. Two years ago they sent money to help with the operation of Douglas. IDES is there not only to help with disasters around the World, but to help Missionaries in their time of need. They are also supported by donations from churches. If you want to send them a donation at any time, their address is; IDES, P.O. Box 60, Kempton, Indiana 46049. 

 Right now Douglas and I are working on our water truck. It started smoking and losing power about a month ago. There is a hill between where we get water and our ranch. It was getting very hard to make it up this hill. So we decided that it was time to overhaul the motor. It is apart right now and we are getting all the needed parts so we will be able to start putting it back together again. We have done many gasoline engines in the past, but this will be the first diesel engine that we have done ourselves. Pray that it will start when we are done. 

All of us here really want to thank you for all the prayers and financial help you have given to the Home. It seems like we have had a lot of prayer needs this year. But God is answering all them. God bless each of you. 

In His Service; 

Bob & Bev Wright 

Douglas & Monica Wright 


     Bob Wright was born in 1936 in Minerva, Ohio. He graduated from high
school in 1954 after which he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps
and served three years.

     In 1955, Bob married Beverly Grimes from Canton, Ohio. They both became
Christians at Moreland Christian Church and started their family in

     Daniel was born Nov. 4, 1957 and Deborah was born May 9, 1960. Two more
children were added to their family in Mexico. Martha was born Dec. 23,
1970 and adopted by the Wright's in 1973. Douglas was born Sept. 20, 1972
in Mexico and now maintains a dual citizenship.

     Dan is married to DarNelle Moore and lives in Oceanside, CA. They have
two children, Allison and Adam.

     Debbie is married to John Dunaway and lives Colorado Springs, Colorado. They have three children, Rosa, Hannah and Lydia. John and Debbie worked with the home
here in Mexico from 1984 to 1986.

     Martha is married to Fernando Palacios and lives in Tyler, Texas. They have three children, Roberto, Meliny and Viveana.
     While living in Canton, Bob served as a deacon and bible school teacher
at Moreland. In 1966, Bob entered Kentucky Christian College at Grayson,
KY to study for full time Christian service. Beverly served in the choir
and Women's Council at Moreland.

     While at KCC, Bob and Bev ministered to the Blevens Valley Church of
Christ and the Moores Ferry Church of Christ. They also served as youth
directors at the Olive Hill Christian Church.

     After completing his junior year at KCC in 1969, Bob and Bev and their
family traveled to Mexico to visit with several missions there. They
returned in the fall so Bob could finish his last year of school. During
this time Bob resigned his ministries and spent every weekend speaking to
churches about their plans to return to Mexico and start MEXICO CHRISTIAN

     In May 1970, Bob received his Bachelor of Arts degree. His name was also
listed in the 1969-70 edition of "Who's Who Among Students in American
Universities and Colleges." In 1983 Kentucky Christian College elected
him to honorary membership in the Delta Epsilon Chi Honor Society. In
1987, Kentucky Christian College presented Bob with the Distinguished
Alumnus Award in recognition of outstanding achievement in Missions. He
had served three times as President of the Mexico Missionary Reunion. He
had also served on the Board of Directors of the National Bible Institute
in Queretero, Mexico.

     In August of 1970, the Wright's left their home in Kentucky, where they
had lived for the past four years, and headed by faith to their new home
in Mexico.


     In May of 1991, Douglas, the youngest son of the Wright's, graduated from
high school in Queretaro, Mexico and joined the work of the Home
full-time. Douglas was born in Queretaro and attended all his schooling
in Mexico.

     He was married to Monica Avila Acosta on March 24, 1996.
On June 11, 1998, their first child, Joshua, was born. On June 13, 2000,
their second child, Andrea, a girl, was born on June 11, 2002

     Douglas and Monica are now a very active part of the Home, sharing the
work load with Bob and Bev.


     The Wright's had already chosen the city of Queretaro from their visit to
Mexico in 1969. Queretaro now has a population of 1 million. It is
located 800 miles south of the border of Texas and 140 miles north of
Mexico City. The city is at elevation of 5,600 feet above sea level.

See map for location

     Arriving in Queretaro in August of 1970, the Wright's set out looking for
a house to rent that would be large enough to start a children's home. In
September a four bedroom house was rented. Now the task of getting
adjusted to the new home and a new language began.

     For the next three months Bob spent every day looking for homeless children. God led Bob to a wonderful Christian man who spoke English.
Jorge Escoto had been praying to God for someone to come to Queretaro to
help with the many homeless children. Jorge told God that if someone
would come he would help them all he could, and help he did.

     Jorge operated a watch repair shop and one day each week he would close
his shop and he and Bob would walk the poor areas of the city looking for
abandoned and homeless children. By February of 1971, just 6 months
after the Wright's arrived in Mexico, Bob and Jorge had found 11
children. It was evident that the house the Wright's had rented with four
bedrooms was just too small. The house next door to them was for rent, so
they decided to rent it along with their present house. This gave them
three more bedrooms and also a place for the church to meet every


     In March of 1971, 112 acres of land were offered to them for $6,000.00. A
down payment was made, and in November of 1971 the last payment was made
on the land. With the land now paid for, plans were made to start
construction of a permanent Home.

      On November 3, 1971, ground breaking
services were held on the new land.

     Soon after the ground breaking, the construction was started on the first
house. The work continued for the next 9 months. On August 18, 1972, just
two years after the Wright's and Peggy Russell arrived in Mexico, they
decided to move into the unfinished house. There were no floors in the
house or doors. Also they had no water well. Water had to be brought from
town by truck each week.

     There were 20 members of the family now, and the
new house only had one bathroom finished. But by moving in now rent would
not have to be paid. It would be several years before the house would be
completely finished, but everyone was happy to be out of town and in
their own Home.


     While still renting in the city of Queretaro, a printing ministry was
stated by Bob to help two other missionaries, Norman Dugan and Clinton
Looney, start a Bible correspondence course.

    In the beginning all Bob intended on printing was the Bible courses, but
as time went on more and more requests came in for other types of
printing such as tracts. More equipment was added as the years went by,
until now the print shop had three offset presses, a perfect book binder,
a large 20 x 22 paper folder and a paper cutter. The shop was able to meet
all the needs of printing for missionaries and churches here in Mexico.

Due to the work that was needed to run the Home and no other help. In 2001, Bob decided to close the print shop.


     In 1972, a second house was started on a pay as you go basis. It was
seven years before this house was finished as a home. It was used as a
barn for several years.

     In 1974, a Christian camp was built on the ranch property. The first camp
was held in August with 80 campers from the area churches.

     In 1974, a 50,000 gallon water storage tank was built to hold water for
the Home and also serve as a swimming pool during camp. This water tank
has been used for nearly all the baptisms in Queretaro.

     In 1974, a barn was build to house the animals that the home was starting
to raise. Also, a tractor was bought this year which allowed them to
start planting on the 112 acres.

     In 1976, a Chapel building was added to the Camp property.

     In 1977, a third house was started to be the home for more children. This
building is now being used to house the print shop. It was built on top
of a 400 year old Spanish coral.

     In 1978, a large garage was built that is now a garage and shop for
repairing all the vehicles on the ranch.

     In 1979, a two bedroom addition was added to the first house.

     In 1980, a new and deeper water well was drilled to provide water for the
Home and for irrigation of the crops.

     In 1995, a third house was started that will be the home for Douglas and

     In 1999, a small one room house was finished to provide a home for
Jovita. She is an 87 year old lady whom the Wright's have been taking
care of.

     Also in 1999, a new garage was added on the old one.


     It is very difficult in this short space to write a complete history of
Mexico Christian Children's Home. One has to have followed the work over
the years or have visited the Home to really be able to see all the work
that is being done in order to provide a Home the many homeless and
abandoned children in Mexico.

     Hundreds of children have been helped by MCCH. Sometimes the hardest work
is not the construction of the buildings but the love and care that is
given the children who live in the Home.

     Your help is needed if Mexico Christian Children's Home is to continue to
provide a Home for these children. Everyone can help by praying
continually for the Home. Some can help by sending financial help. Some
can help by coming down for a week or more to work. Whatever you can do,
we only ask that you do it in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus