Thursday, August 30, 2012

"BACK TO SCHOOL" this was taken at 6:00 am on the first day of school, some are excited and nervous to return to school but Monica and me (Douglas) where the most happiest to finaly have 8 hours of peace and quiet at home.

"NEW WORKER" this is Carlos Alvarez he is 56 years old but works like a 25 year old, he is now my right-hand man with the know how in woodworking,electricity,electronics,driving,farming,yardwork and basic mecanics he has been very helpfull to us from monday to friday, please pray we can establish a secure income for him and have a garanty he will stay for as long as the Lord wants.

Saturday is a busy day while the 6 older kids attend SCOUTS the 5 younger ones get special childrens Yogga class and then get to watch a couple of kids movies al to themselves.

God is great, as He moved several peoples hearts here in town to help with the purchase of 11 new bed frames that will soon be modified by Carlos to have storage space under each frame, we are now praying for the financial help to buy the rest of the wood needed and maybe even new mattresses.