Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bob's Memorial Tractor

Bob's Memorial Tractor stripped down for restoration.

May is almost over and we have been so busy that the month has blown by fast.  We thank God for his daily protection at everything we have done here at the home.
Work has started on Dads Memorial. After much thought on what to do and where to do it. We are going to make a special place at the entrance of the home where Dads Ford tractor will sit forever under a very nice shaded spot. It will be a few feet from where the ground breaking ceremony was held 40 years ago.
The tractor has been out at the barn but had not been in use since we got the big Massey Fergusson 6 years ago.  It has taken us 2 weeks to get it cleaned up and I will attempt to give it a nice fresh coat of paint and restore it to look just like it was when brand new.  It does run, but needs lots of rubber parts replaced before turning the key.  
We thank you very much for sending your special memorial donations to us, please continue praying for all of us here at the home as we continue trying our best on this mission field without Dad.   

Douglas Wright

Preparing the slab for Dad's memorial.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

“Lend a helping hand” is what the work group from Ohio and South Carolina was able to put into practice from the 28th of April to the 4th of May. They helped with water proofing one of the houses , did painting in several rooms and patio floors and performed much needed maintenance around the home. They also had a great time with the kids. Bev, Monica and I are very grateful for all the time, money and effort each one of them made in spending a week with us and “Lend a helping hand”. May God bless each one of them along with their families. Thank you very much guys you did a great job…….see you next year Lord willing.

Greetings from Bev, Monica and I (Douglas). I promised on last receipt letter that I would make this one in remembrance of Dad.  I asked the Lord to help me come up with a special way to do this then turned over to a file that contains all the news letters that date back to 1970 when Mom and Dad arrived in Mexico. I have decided to share with you some of Dads own words.

March 23, 1971 “ We now own 112 acres of Mexican land and can start putting up a fence around it to keep the people and cows off it”  remember that Mom and Dad where living in town at the time (paying rent on a house).
Middle of 1971 We are not taking in any more children until our support increases, and we are able to build a larger house in the country. We had to turn down several children this week. It just breaks our hearts to turn away a child knowing that the child will never know pure New Testament Christianity and possibly never know about Jesus Christ.
Time is so short and we must try to do all we can for these children. We have just started to plant the seed here. Bev and I may never live to see the harvest of some of these children but others in our place will be here to continue on with this work…..time is so short.”

Dad wrote this 41 years ago and his words are still valid today, his reasons to serve are still alive in all of us, his daily concern for all to know about Jesus Christ continues today. With your help in prayers and finances, the work here in Mexico will continue Lord willing.

Thank you so very much for your constant support. You are an important part of Mexico Christian Children’s Home. May the Lord always share his hand with many blessings for you.
Bev Wright                                                                                                                       
Douglas and Monica Wright