Monday, September 24, 2012

We continue to work on Bob's memorial. Notice the flag? something very comon in all Mexico is to show the flag during our independence month ( September)

Bob's grandson (Joshua on right) did a good job with edging

God is good as He alowed me ( Douglas) to celebrate my 40th birthday this past 20 of September

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jesus or " Chucho" for short is one of our two youngest (8 year old) boys. 
Only God knows what will become of Chucho but by the looks of this foto he may be behind an important desk some day 

Two years ago Bob stopped printing and started advertizing the sale of printshop but the economy has not been so good and no one has been intrested, but the first week of September has yeilded a couple of posible buyers. Please pray we are able to sell printing equipment as soon as posible.

"A NEED AND A DREAM"  With so many work around childrens home and the Farm and only Carlos and Me (Douglas) sometimes we dream of having some "HELP" to dig that dich or move that dirt and not have to feel those back-pains. We pray that with the sale of print shop we can make a down payment for a back-ho like this one in the foto that costs around $20,000 dollars.