Monday, January 30, 2012


January 2012

Dear Friends;

     Greetings to all of you for the month of January. Well, it is the beginning of a new year, and so much has happened already this month. To start the year out we had 5 baptisms on Sunday, January 15th. Two new members to the Church, Fernando, from the Home, and Doug and Monica’s 2 children, Andrea and Joshua. I got the honor of baptizing Joshua, while Doug baptized Andrea. We had 86 in attendance on that day. About 40 were visitors and most were catholic backgrounds. They all heard a very good sermon on baptism, probably for the first time.
 This is to bring you up to date on our water problem. The first of October we turned in all the paper work that the water dept. was asking for. Right now we are just waiting for them to inform us that we can start using our well again. There is nothing that we can do right now but wait till they get around to looking at our file. All we can do now is pray they move on it. Keep this in your prayers also.

     All the kids had a very good Christmas. We send our thanks to everyone who sent money so we could buy presents for them. The kids here in Mexico get presents twice. On Christmas day they open presents in celebration of the birth of Christ. Then on the 6th of January they celebrate Three Kings Day. This day represents the time after Christ was born when three kings brought gifts to the Christ child. We start Christmas day off by having all the kids open their presents in the morning. Then we have a coffee cake with candles on it and we all sing happy birthday to Jesus. Then we have the smallest kids blow out the candles.  At about 2, Bev has a very large meal prepared. This year we had Turkey and Ham and all the extras. We always have extra guest for this meal. I think we had about 40 this year.

     You can check out our web page for more pictures of the work here in Mexico