Thursday, November 29, 2012

It took Bob more than 15 years to finaly have a complete print shop. Many of the machines like this one were donated or purchased with his personal savings. Sad to say printing is no longer done and the value of all the machinery is hardly even worth the price of used steel. We were blessed by the Lord sending us one of Bobs long time Mexican printing friends. He now prints, cuts and folds the medicine boxes you see on store shelves, he has decided to buy some of Dads printing equipment to be modified for his needs. The photo you see above was taken just a few days ago as the press is being lifted up on flat bed truck. With this sale we where able to buy a weeks worth of groceries for the children's home. Now we only need to sell 8 more things from print shop!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

"SCHOOL TESTS ARE OVER" as BETO (left) and FERNANDO (right) express thier joy on the way home from school.

 First days of November where "sience fair"  at school and Juan (first in line at left) spoke his part about polar bears in english and did a good job.

Work has started in preparation for expantion plans on home where two rooms will be added Lord willing in Feb 2013 with the coming of work group from North Industry Christian Church.
 Notice the Bobcat, its still runs but only in half hour shifts, When I (Doug) work with it feels good to still be able to use the same things Dad worked with for more than 40 years on the mission feild, cant say how much more the little Bobcat will last but it has several nocking sounds that dont sound good. Please pray we can replace it with a back-jo with much more power.
Each saturday we take the 6 older kids to "SCOUTS" at a park in town. Here we see Jonathan (blindfolded) as he is being led by troup leader the day he advanced from green shirt to blue shirt. He now is one of the anvanced teams on several camping trips and activities in the Scout movment.