Monday, June 3, 2013

MCCH has a guest house, 3 years ago Stan a very good friend of the Wrights left this trailer to be stored while he was transferred to China at his job, not able to do much with it and it going to waste, we made a deal and now own it. At the moment its being used by missionary Ann Creekmore for a couple of months while the construction of her house is underway. It is siting on blocks for good since it is not legal on Mexican highways so the axels will be used to make another trailer for farm use or to be sold, we plan to build a shell and roof over it to make it look like a normal house and protect it....keep track of this project, you will be amazed of its outcome and use of a simple trailer.      

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ELEAZAR had his 50th birthday on the 19th of may, this is the same day we received him with no birth certificate so his age may not be accurate...